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Whether you require a simple door lock or a complete locking system, our locksmiths can help you with their skills and expertise. They are always excited to get to the bottom of your dilemma, advise and provide you with strong replacement British Standard (BS3621) locks.

Understanding the many and varied needs of the consumer, our stock includes Police recommended security devices, digital & mechanical locks, keyless & master keyed entry systems. We keep many high security locks in supply and have easy access to a vast array of security furniture offering free advice where needed. Our technicians are highly qualified in all classes of locks and entry systems and are always happy to supply you with a trusted & reliable service.

Cylinder Rim Locks (Yale Locks) Cylinder Lock

Most front door locks and internal door locks are cylinder locks, commonly known as ‘Yale’ locks, after one of the leading brands. If your front door locks automatically when you shut it and you need a key to open the door from the outside, but it opens without a key from the inside, then you have a cylinder rim lock .

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths will replace lock cylinders with cylinders of at least like-for-like quality, offering to upgrade to a more secure high quality lock where necessary.

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Restricted cylinders provide physical protection against unauthorized key duplication, thus ensuring extra security to your property. Restricted keys ensure that keys can only be cut with the authorization of the owner using a security card system. Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths recommended the fitting of mortice locks to supplement cylinder rim locks, particularly on front doors.

Euro Cylinder


Lots of dwellings still have the original lock cylinder that was fitted with the door sometimes over ten years ago & often despite a change of ownership! Technology has improved significantly. We can supply & fit anti-pick, anti-drill & anti-snap cylinders in minutes at very competitive prices.

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Mortice Locks (Deadlock / Sash lock)Mortise Lock 

Mortice locks are secured into the door itself and can only be opened with the key. They are commonly found on back doors and are often fitted to front doors in addition to a cylinder rim lock (Yale lock).

Mortice locks can often be described as a deadlock or sash lock. A deadlock is a mortice lock which has just a key hole and a bolt. A sash lock has a bolt and a latch and a pair of handles.

Mortice locks have several lever variations: a 2, 3, 5 or 7 lever mechanism. 5 lever and above can be British Standard or non British Standard. The higher the number of “levers” the more difficult the lock is to “pick” and the more secure it will be, the higher the lever number the more key variations there are eliminating duplicate keys.

Mortice locks require a key to be turned to activate the deadlock. The major advantage of a mortice lock is that burglars can not smash an adjacent window, reach inside and unlock the door. The deadlocks on a mortice lock also mean that if a burglar breaks in through a window they can not escape through the door, providing you have not left the key in the lock on the inside.

Many home insurance companies require British Standard (BS3621:2007) five-lever mortise deadlocks be fitted to all external doors. If you are unsure if your locks meet your Home Insurance Policy requirements then call us now and one of our locksmiths will be happy to discuss your needs.

BS KItemark
  The British Standard Kitemark® symbol


Additional  Door Security

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths can also fit additional security such as a door chain or limiter, spy hole, london bars, hinge &/or rack bolts, letterbox cover etc. Our engineers have a wealth of experience & product knowledge in the security industry. They are able to advise & discuss how to best secure your home or property.

NB: uPVC Doors –  uPVC doors are generally unsuitable for retro-fit security devices. Not only is the material not strong enough to support devices fitted with steel screws unless secured into the internal metal framework, but such changes to the original design may invalidate an existing warranty or possibly damage the integral locking assembly.

Window Locks

One in three burglaries (UK Crime Stats) is through a window. Fitting high visibility window locks, so if a burglar breaks the glass the window locks will mean they still cannot open the window and risk injury climbing in through broken glass. Window locks should be fitted to easily accessible windows such as those downstairs and next to flat roofs and drain pipes.

Window lock


NB: Remember not to leave the keys on show in the window locks.


Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths can help with everything from simply opening the door to your house to upgrading and replacing  your current locks to conform to British Standard (BS3621).

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