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Changing locks is easily overlooked when moving house, but it is frightening to think how many people could have duplicate keys to your new home or if these locks even comply with your insurance policy.

If your mortise or deadlock is still serviceable & meets your insurance policy requirements we can often change just the levers of the lock giving you a new key yet keeping the old lock!

Points to consider:

  • Who has keys to your new home?New home
  • Could you exit through all necessary doors and windows in an emergency?
  • Do you have keys to all your doors and windows, for general access and opening?
  • Does your property have adequate physical security?
  • Is your uPVC door difficult to lock, unlock ,open or close?
  • Are some of the locks broken or damaged – do they still work and are they secure?
  • Do your locks meet British Standard 3621:2004, now a stipulation of most insurance policies?

Click here to visit ‘The Crime Prevention website’ for further information on Insurance Company Requirements.

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths strongly recommend changing the locks for your family’s safety and your peace of mind.

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