ABS snap secure cylinder lock

ABS snap secure cylinder lock
The imperative up-grade to your door cylinder.

Lock Snapping is a method burglars use to gain entry to a property by exploiting a vulnerable door cylinder lock. Burglars can manipulate a door to expose the end of the cylinder lock. The weakest point on a cylinder is the centre and if too much of the cylinder protrudes from the door, the cylinder can be broken. Exposing the door’s locking mechanism a burglar is then able to open the lock. It’s simple, fast and unfortunately becoming a very common method of attack.

The ABS snap secure cylinder lock protects against Lock Snapping by using Anti-Snap lines which are positioned at each end of the cylinder. As soon as any unreasonable force is applied to one end, the cylinder will break at the Anti-Snap line only. This leaves the cam that engages the locking mechanism intact and the remainder of the cylinder safe within the door. The door remains locked and the broken cylinder can still be opened by the correct key

ABS is the only door cylinder lock that is genuinely snap secure without the need for additional security devices such as cylinder clamps, guards and security handles, all of which require machining of the door to fit.

ABS Keys

ABS keeps raising the standards and is now accredited with the new BSI TS007 3 star rating for security hardware – the new british standard which tests the enhanced security requirements for replacement euro cylinders. ABS has also been accredited with the Master Locksmith Association’s Sold Secure Diamond standard, the highest standard for a security cylinder and also holds Secured by Design status.

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths reccommed that all cylinder locks fitted to final exit doors should be at least British Standard Kitemarked with ABS snap secure being the ultimate in cylinder security.

For more information on lock-snapping and the highest accredited (BSI TS007) secure euro cylinder available click here


 £99.99  (VAT included)   supplied & fitted (3 x  keys)



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