Access Control

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths supply, install and maintain all types of Access Control Systems ranging from  keyless mechanical & digital, card entry, electronic release and even Biometric Access. These entry systems can be designed to authorize access to different parts of a building or at different times of day, dependent on an individuals or groups needs or authority.

Access Control Systems are easy to install, easy to expand and durable. Reconfiguration or the removal of access rights is straightforward once visitors are off the premises or employees have left employment.

Our Locksmiths can give free guidance on Access Control Systems in both single and multi-door access environments. We work with you to ensure the best solution for your business needs.Access Control

Intercom System

Audio, Visual &/or Wireless, door or wall mountable

Mechanical Digital Keypads

Simple installation, heavy duty, PIN number operation

Electronic Digital Keypads

Document and audit access activity, delete former employees or visitor’s access

Electronic Card Readers

Swipe or proximity type access control, unobtrusive to sleek and contemporary, door or wall mountable

Biometric Fingerprint Access

Analyzing biological data as a means to control access, door or wall mountable

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